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Use a free location proximity API to develop store locators with Google Maps

As the name implies FreeHound is a suite of free tools designed to help developers build store locator services for their clients.

Build a store finder solution across multiple channels such as the Mobile Internet, iPhone, Facebook or on your client’s website by signing up for the Proximity API and uploading location address data to MyHound, our cloud-based location data management environment.

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Features and benefits

Signup now

Sign Up for free poximity API key

Developers – sign up for your FreeHound API key and start building location-based solutions for your clients today. more

Access real time reports

eHound location usage statistic reports

By deploying FreeHound your clients will gain access to real time graphical reports on their customers’ search activity. more

Save time

Put call through when store is opne

Save development time by combining the FreeHound and Google Maps APIs to create your store finder solution. more



Geocode your addresses by simply uploading a spreadsheet and manage your location data using MyHound. more

API Documentation


All of the documentation for the FreeHound API (for both Google and Bing Maps) can be accessed here. more

Rapidly deploy store locators

Contact us today to BUY ready to use website store locators, mobile internet locator, iPhone and Facebook store finders. more