The Client

The Westpac Group operates approx 3,000 ATMs, and offers wholesale access to this network to Clients such as Heritage
Bank, Wide Bay Australia and Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

The Challenge

In many instances these Wholesale Clients have their own ATMs and Branch locations.
The parties therefore need to manage their own data sets independently, while ensuring that the merged information is
published in a manner that is seamless to customers over multiple channels.

The eHound Solution

eHound is unique in its ability to allow multiple organisations to manage their own data, while at the same time allowing for
real time publishing of the combined information across multiple channels.

The Benefits

  • Eliminate headaches regarding data management, for both Westpac and its Wholesale Clients
  • Support across all relevant channels (Web, Mobile Web, iPhone, IVR and SMS)
  • Real time reporting, with access filtered according to organisation, brand, function or geography
  • The eHound Product Roadmap ensures that future requirements (such as iPhone and Mobile Web) are supported well
    in advance of Client requirements
  • Automatic synchronisation of Westpac and eHound databases using XML, thereby reducing data management costs
    for all parties, and eliminating errors associated with data transposition

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